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Our Master

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Chief Instructor
Sigung Raheem Bey Haqq Darden

     Raheem was born in Wilmington, Delaware where he began his journey as a boxer training under Heavyweight champion Manard “Kid “ Jones, at the local YMCA. At the same time he began his karate training in Nesi Goju Ryu under Maestro Jock Taylor . In 1974 Master Raheem moved to the New England area where his training intensified under the instruction of Grandmaster Larry S.L Martin and Grandmaster William Gregory. Master Raheem was member of Master Chi World of Self Defense, He later went on to win Grand Championship in Lacuna New Hampshire Master Raheem currently is employed as drug and alcohol counselor, Motivational Speaker, accomplished musician. Master Raheem currently is the Chief Instructor at KwoonHaqq in Wilmington, Delaware. He is an active competitor in extreme fighting in the local tri state area.

Black Belt Ranks:

-8th  Degree Black Belt, Kajukempo, Grandmaster Larry S.L Martin, Grandmaster William Gregory
- 6th Level Black Sash, Bok Lum Pai, Grandmaster Larry S.L Martin
- 7h Degree Black Belt, Shojukempo, Grandmaster Larry S.L Martin
- 4th Degree Black Belt, Shotokan Karate-Do, Kyoshi Dr. Robert Handley
- Co-Founder Su Tai with Grandmaster Samad Haq Darden
Association Affiliation:
- International Ryu Kyu Kai Karate-Do Association, member Board of Director
- Shojukempo International , Member
- World Tora Do Ryu Karate Association. Member
- International Sungja-Do Association,
Assistant State Director